Business philosophy

Student Hostel HK is a new style of dormitories for University students. With professional management, and use of the space properly, Student Hostel provides an alternative residential service for Mainland and oversea students. We understand the needs of non-local students. We customize our services for them to quickly integrate into the new environment and enjoy their campus life in Hong Kong.

In addition to accommodation, we offer multifaceted support including dormitory pairing (pair up the most suitable students in the same room), road guidance, daily necessities as well as maintenance, etc., so that student can easily adapt to the new environment. We will also organize regular meetings, summer activities and academic exchange programs. We hope our students in the hostel will develop intimacy.

On the other hand, we consider the safety of the hostel under security aspect. Through cooperation with the University Students’ Union, we verify the identity of each applicant to ensure that all residents are students of HK universities.